Raphael Boguslav

Raphael Boguslav introduces himself, giving a brief description of his training, background, and methodologies as a designer of logos, corporate identity, packaging, and more.

This brief biography outlines Raphael Boguslav's training and professional career as a designer.
Logotype 101
Raphael Boguslav describes the basic issues involved in creating a logo to successfully establish product or corporate identity.
Logos:  1   2   3   4
There are four pages of logos designs created by Raphael Boguslav, spanning several decades of work, for both large and small companies as well as for individuals.
Lettering:  1   2   3   4
There are four pages of examples of Raphael Boguslav's hand lettering including headlines, titles, promotional phrases and slogans, the font "Avia", remarks from watercolors by John Mecray and more.
The monogram page includes samples of monograms done by Raphael Boguslav.
Raphael Boguslav's shows some favorite examples of his calligraphic work including a clock face, several wedding invitations, a wine label, and more.
Printed Ephemera
The printed ephemera page includes various samples of Raphael Boguslav's detailed designs for printed promotional materials.
The Miscellany page includes samples of clock faces, a record album cover, paintings, illustrations that show the diversity of projects Raphael Boguslav has undertaken, while reinforcing the strength of his artistic voice.
This is a partial list of clients for whom Raphael Boguslav has done logo design work.